Woodcutter's Collab Take 2

Woodcutter's Collab Take 2

A few weeks ago, we collaborated on another brew with our friends at Woodcutter’s Brewing.  This time their crew made the trek up to the Mount Sima neighbourhood all the way from downtown Whitehorse.

We couldn’t resist the chance to recreate the COLD IPA we brewed together at their brewery back in January 2022. The Cold IPA is a great beer ‘style’ for showcasing big hop flavour, while accentuating a nice clean bitterness, and a crisp, lager-like finish. 

This collab recipe includes mostly Pilsner malt with a bag of Chit malt for good measure.  We fermented the beer with Kolsch yeast, at a mid-range temperature (16 degrees Celsius). It took off like crazy, finishing fermentation in 5 days and dropping to a final gravity of 1.006!  For the hops, we did big whirlpool and dry hop additions of Nelson (a New Zealand hop variety) and the 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend (HBC 630, Idaho Gem®, Loral®, Talus®, Triumph). 


All hands on deck!



The aroma and flavour is insane with strong citrus, passionfruit, lychee and orchard fruit vibes. According to plan it finishes dry and ‘snappy’, in the words of Woodcutter’s Brewmaster, Scott!

And we think ‘Snappy’ is just perfect to describe a COLD IPA brewed by northern brewers, in the dead of winter. 

In honour of all things northern and cold, we christened this beer SNAG, after the coldest place in North America!  It was February 1947, when meteorologists recorded a temperature of - 62.8 C in the small village of Snag, YT.   This is the coldest temperature ever recorded in North America, and a record that still holds to this day, 76 years later!

Our SNAG Cold IPA (7%) will be available Thursday, Feb 2nd – on tap at Winterlong Brewing and in cans to goOrder online for easy local pickup.   Woodcutter’s will also have some in cans to enjoy at their bar, so stay tuned!



Retro label inspired by RCAF emblems and vintage beer can designs from the 1940s.



The coldest day in Canadian History.  This Canadian Heritage Minute is brought to you by…