Spruce Tip

Spruce Tip

Well, our harvest is complete, and the first batch of Spruce Tip Pale Ale is already in the tank!   

The release date is this Saturday, June 18, 2022!  Pre-Orders of a select number of cans will be available on our online store starting Friday Night at 8 pm (max of 1 case per person) with the remainder available for walk-ins on Saturday.


We saved a few cans of from the August 2021 batch to help with the harvest.  This beer ages surprisingly well!


If you know you know, this is one of our most popular brews!   People we haven’t seen since the last batch ran out the previous year, come out of the woodwork again.  The online orders typically sell out in 10 minutes or less.  Line ups start before opening on release day. 

It's not surprising people go wild for the unique raspberry and citrusy character that the spruce tips contribute. It's a very refreshing and approachable beer.

Never fear if you miss the pre-orders or don't have time to come by first thing on release day, we have lots to go around and more batches on the way.  When the 4-packs sell out, we still have some on tap for pints and growler fills.  And we have enough for hopefully four batches this year, so look for it mid-month again in July, August and September!