Annual Pink Boots Brew Day

Annual Pink Boots Brew Day

Cheers to our 3rd annual Pink Boots Collaboration Brew that took place a couple weekends back. The Pink Boots Brew Day is a global beer-collaboration and fundraiser for the Pink Boots Society, whose mission is to Assist, Inspire and Encourage women and/or non-binary individuals in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industry.

It is always a blast gathering our female staff together for this annual brew day of learning, sharing and tasting beer!  This year there were 10 of us, our biggest turnout yet.  In 2022, over 550+ breweries worldwide participated. 


The full 10-person crew.


As with every year, our Witch Craft IPA features the latest Pink Boots Hop Blend, fromYakima Chief Hops.   The winning blend was chosen by Pink Boots Society members from 60+ chapters around the world during sensory workshops back in Fall 2021. The blend is made up of:

  • Idaho Gem 30%
  • HBC 630 20% (an experimental hop yet to be named)
  • Talus 20%
  • Triumph 20%
  • Loral 10%

This hop blend boasts aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, berry, and sweet aromatics (think bubblegum and vanilla).  Sounds perfect for an IPA.

The malt bill for our Witch Craft IPA is mostly pale 2-row malted barley, and a touch of oats and wheat malt.  We ferment with good ol' US-05 (American Ale yeast, for the non-brewers out there).  We can't wait to see how it all turns out this year!


Pink Boots Hop Blend  - we use 5 kg per 7BBL batch in the whirlpool as well as 20 kg for the double batch for the dry hop.


Everyone took a turn at mashing out.


Fundraising & Release Details 

There will be two fundraising initiatives again this year associated with the beer release starting April 12th. 

  • On release day, $1 from every pint sold will go to the Pink Boots Society Canada Chapter. Super proud of the Canadian Chapter for the work they are doing here in Canada to better the industry.  They even provided us with a fancy Pink Boots Tap Handle we will proudly use to pour this beer.
  • $3 from every 4-pack sold at the brewery will go towards three Yukon Women’s organizations: Dawson Women’s Shelter  , Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, and Yukon Status of Women Council.   Get this tasty IPA while supplies last.

Sadly none of us actually have 'pink' boots, but at least some of us were pretty matchy matchy.