Growlers Return

Growlers Return

We are happy to report, that Growler Fills will be back on the menu starting on September 1st.  Thanks again for your patience! 

As with everything in this new normal, we take the safety of our staff and customers seriously, so we're putting in place a Growler Exchange Program.  This will ensure proper sanitation and stop any cross-contamination.


Growler Exchange Program

You will have options to either:  

  1. Buy a new growler and fill.  OR

  2. Exchange one of your own used Winterlong growlers for another used properly sanitized growler. 

What growlers qualify in the exchange program?

  • Winterlong Growlers (so it is a fair exchange!)
  • Glass Growlers ONLY
  • Clean Growlers (see tips for cleaning your growlers below)
  • Good Condition – no chips, cracks, etc.

We will have a drop box near the counter that staff will handle at a later time, sanitizing each used growler and recirculating them back into distribution.  By putting your growler in the drop box, you acknowledge that it is clean and in good condition.  Make sure to let the staff know how many growlers you are exchanging to fill.

There may be some beers that aren't available for growler fills, based on stock availability.  We apologize if your favourite beer isn't available this time.


Growler Care Refresher


  • Growlers are meant to be drunk fresh. Best practices are to consume within 24-72 hours.



  • After you empty your growler, rinse it out as soon as possible with hot water a few times till the smell of beer is gone.
  • Don’t use soap as this could leave soap residue on the glass, which doesn’t taste good when mixed with fresh beer.
  • Let air dry.
  • Store without lids. 
  • Feel free to save lids though to reuse.