Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

Our roof got a makeover last month with the addition of 192 solar modules.  This translates to a 73.9 kW solar system installed by the awesome team at SOLVEST

When they came to us with a proposal this past April, it was a no brainer. The timing was right, as we now owned the building and there were some great government incentives. Thanks to our building’s height and low roof angle, both the north and south facing roofs were good candidates for solar production, maximizing our potential.


Drone photo (credit: Solvest).


In the Yukon, the cost of energy is an ongoing concern and is always on the rise.  With literally everything in our brewery running on electricity, it made economic sense to harness our own energy for on-site use, while selling any excess back to the Yukon electrical grid.  And why not use the most abundant resource on the earth, the sun!

Of course the environmental benefits are huge too, as solar power can play a big role in helping the world reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reverse global warming.  SIDE NOTE: Rooftop Solar was rated as the #10 solution out of a total of 100 emission-reduction solutions, assessed in the very well-researched book, 'Drawdown', Edited by Paul Hawken (April 2017). Check out the organization's website here: https://drawdown.org/solutions


North and south rooftop solar panels (photo credit: Solvest).


Surprisingly, solar power has been around since the 1880s. It is nothing new.  But it seems to only be gaining traction in the Yukon recently.  That must be thanks to more affordable panels, government incentives, and the already high cost of electricity in the Yukon.  It sure feels great to get in on it.

Now we’re ready to tackle any power outages that come our way… as long as it’s between March and October!


Let that sunshine in!