S.P.R.U.C.E. T.I.P

S.P.R.U.C.E. T.I.P

Our first batch of the coveted Spruce Tip Pale Ale for 2020, will be released this coming Monday (June 29th).  

This will be the first time this beer will be available in cans, so naturally Mary designed a brand-new label, which is always exciting.   For many Yukoners, our Spruce Tip has become a holy grail of beers.  People go crazy for the stuff and we have already lost count of the number of phone calls and messages we’ve received over the last month, asking when it will be coming out. 



We attribute the popularity of this beer to a combination of things - its uniqueness, approachability, and the fact that it is limited and seasonal. 

UNIQUE - While we were exposed to our first spruce tip beers in Alaska after moving to the Yukon, lately we have seen spruce tip beers gaining more traction in southern climes as well.   Of course, all beers made with spruce tips will have some of that classic spruce flavour, but we all put a different twist on it.  The character of that spruce flavour will also depend on the tree species, when they were picked and how they were used in the brew.

APPROACHABLE - For our recipe, we boil our spruce tips in the wort for 60 minutes, which we believe extracts a ton of complex sugars, that carry through the beer to the end.  While yes you get a bit of the classic citrus and spruce tree flavours from eating a fresh tip, you also get a berry-like character (people say raspberry) from the complex sugars that the brewing yeast can’t eat.  It is a very approachable beer in that it is not bitter and has some of that residual sweetness.

LIMITED - It is also a truly seasonal beer, as we only handpick enough for a few batches a year.  That makes it extra special.  In the past we’ve sold out of the first batch in a day!  As we’ve increased our production capacity we’ve been able to keep it around a day or two longer.  However, there’s no doubt it will go surprisingly fast. 

While most of the production will be going into 4-pack cans, we will also have a few kegs for onsite enjoyment (sorry no Growler Fills still for now).  Also thanks to our online store, you can secure your allotment and don’t have to be here first thing to get it on site.  It will be added to the store on Sunday night.  Just make sure to save some for everyone else!  Subsequent batches will be available in July and August.