Winter Brews 2020

Winter Brews 2020

Well we are in for a long winter together now that the borders are closed again.   But with winter, comes the return of many beloved brews from the return of seasonal beers, to beers released once a year, to some returning rotating brews.  So, you might as well stick around and make the most of it!


Before we get into the tasty business of beer releases, we want to address the current COVID situation.  We would all love to continue to keep COVID at bay, so here are some reminders about options you might consider over the next little while: 

  • Lay Low: If you find yourself wanting to lay low, in light of the 3 COVID cases in the last week, we have many options for BEER-TO-GO - > including ONLINE ORDERING and CURBSIDE PICKUP.
  • Masks: If you do feel the need to get out to our Tasting Room to enjoy a pint, we happily welcome you to wear a mask, or not.  This is still up to the individual, but in general we will start to see more masks around, so might as well get more comfortable with them.
  • Physical Distance: Let’s all be respectful of everyone’s personal space.  That goes between customers and staff.  Give each other room in the hallways, in the line ups, etc.  Our staff is respectful of your personal space so please also be respectful of theirs and remain 6 ft apart, or 4.5 kegs apart as we like to say. 

AND DON’T FORGET… Stay home when sick and wash your hands frequently!  We’ll of course keep up with our regular cleaning and disinfecting.  Let's do this team!



Next week, we have the return of JAGGED our German Style Pilsner!  As many of you know this beer took a bit of a hiatus over the summer, as we could not dedicate a fermenter to lagering with so much demand for our regular beers.  Thankfully with our new tanks, we can bring Jagged back into the fold.



We will also have the return of our NIGHTSHADE Black IPA, a seasonal IPA that we bring out each fall/winter.  It is a personal favourite for its kick-ass bold flavours – blending a slight roastiness with bitter citrus and earthy hops. This is the first time this beer is in 4-Pack cans too, so enjoy the new label artwork by Mary Binsted.

Right at the end of the month we are bringing back an experimental beer from last year, DIVINE CAFFEINATION Belgian-style Tripel with Coffee.  This was a fun experimental beer we brewed a year ago, featuring an experimental barrel-aged coffee collaboration with Firebean Coffee Roasters.   Apparently many of you loved it, so we brewed it again.  The delicious barrel-aged coffee that was used in the beer, will also be available at Winterlong and through Firebean Coffee Roasters and some of their retailers.




Fall and Winter also bring the return of another seasonal dark beer, of the smoky variety, our  LOG SPLITTER Smoked Porter.  This beer is brewed using a portion of barley malt that has been smoked, lending it a smooth, smokey almost meaty flavour. 

December wouldn’t be complete without the annual release our GUILT TRIP Barleywine.  The 2021 vintage will be available before Christmas.  It's one of our strongest brews, coming in at a hefty 9%, bursting with rich malty flavours and a robust hop punch.  You can age this strong beer for years and see how the flavours transform.



And never fear, we will have the return of two Hazy IPAs before the year is done -  TRUCKSTOP POETRY & HAZYSEXYCOOL.