Introducing the Crowler

Introducing the Crowler

The Yukon is a place where hiking, biking, paddling, hunting and snow sports are part of everyday life for many of us. Yet, we have not canned any of our beers.  That’s about to change, but not quite in the way you think. Introducing, the Crowler!  

What is a Crowler?

A Crowler is a can-shaped 1 L aluminum can/growler that is filled on demand with a beer of your choice, then sealed before your eyes, and ready to be taken with you wherever you want to go.


  • If you are heading out on an outdoor adventure, a Crowler is a great option for you.  It’s lighter than glass and can be crushed down after for you to pack it out and recycle.
  • If you’re leaving on a jet plane and want to bring our beer with you, a Crowler will stand up to the rigors of air travel and give you the peace of mind that your suitcase won't reak of beer after the trip.
  • If you forgot your growler and don’t want to add to your growing collection, and you want one of our beers that is not available in bottles, then a Crowler comes to the rescue!


While it’s a canned beer product, it’s not full-on proper packaging where all the oxygen is purged out of the can/bottle to last several months.  So in that sense, it’s similar to a growler in that you need to consume it relatively quickly (24 hrs to a week).  Fresh is best! 

But Crowlers are also not re-usable like a growler. They are however, infinitely recyclable and made from 68% recycled aluminum content, to put your conscience a little at ease.

At the end of the day it is not a replacement for a can nor a growler, but simply another option to add to the various ways you can enjoy Winterlong beer.

All the pieces are here: our Oktober Can-Seamer, our first pallet shipment of empty cans, can lids, and prep table.  We’re currently working on some cool Crowler labels, but in the meantime we’re repurposing some blank bottle labels.  So come give it a whirl. We are looking forward to see where you take your Crowler of Winterlong beer.