Another Great Year

Another Great Year

Thank you for another great year!  We feel so lucky to get to brew and serve beer here in the Yukon.  This community is so amazing, and we are proud to be a part of such a thriving and inspiring business community! 

We owe a huge thanks to our amazing team for another fantastic year.  We couldn’t do what we do without all of them!

We started this business to follow our passion and share it with others. We had no idea we would get to where we are now! 

Our success has allowed us to become a force for good in our community, while creating a workplace that is respectful, supportive, and open.  We endeavour to continue to make work easy and fun for our staff, to reduce our environmental impacts where we can, and to continue giving back to our community.

Cheers to more of all that in the future!


Highlights of 2022

Here’s looking at some highlights from 2022:

  • New Warehouse Space: Over the spring and summer we built a new warehouse. This space has allowed us to stockpile ingredients and supplies (yay cost savings), while also freeing up space in the brewery (yay more space).
  • We produced 37 MWh of solar energy in 2022 from our rooftop solar array on the top of the brewery.  We are working with Solvest to add solar panels to the new warehouse roof in 2023.
  • Landed Bakehouse opened next door. It’s so great to have their oh so good Scotch Eggs & Savoury Pies in the Tasting Room again.  Their Saturday bake sales are also a huge bonus to the Sima neighbourhood. We look forward to collaborating more in 2023.
  • Beer Festivals Returned after a 2-year hiatus!  We poured our brews at both the Haines Beer Fest in Alaska and the Great Canadian Brewing Festival in Victoria, BC.
  • We celebrated our 7th Anniversary!  There were DJs, there was Landed Bakehouse food, there was an anniversary beer (Rainbow Brite) with a portion of proceeds going to the fabulous people at Pride Yukon!
  • Brewing with Friends: We brewed some tasty beer collaborations this year.  One with new friends from Container Brewing (out of Vancouver, BC) and one with our long-time pals at Woodcutters Brewing, right here in Whitehorse!  Pssst… There’s more to come from Woodcutters and Winterlong in 2023!
  • We put some new beers in cans for the first time, including our: Headspace Kveik IPA, High Noon Hefeweizen, Rainbow Brite Fruit Sour, Tragic Vision Oak-Aged Barleywine, and our Oktoberfest Festbier.  It's always exciting when our designer, Mary, gets to design a new can label for us!
  • We participated in our 3rd Annual Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day!  We were also chosen as one of five places in Canada to help select the next Pink Boots Hop Blend!  We look forward to using this latest hop blend in our 4th annual release of our Witch Craft IPA!
  • We donated nearly $17,000 this year through sponsorship and direct donations.  This is a big thanks to the amazing support we get from Yukoners and visitors!


Pacific Spirit was our west coast collaboration with CONTAINER BREWING (Vancouver, BC).  There may still be some 4-packs kicking around in BC!


We were stoked to have Michael from Landed Bakehouse and his team serving up delightful food on our 7th Bday celebration.


Our rooftop solar array harnessed the suns energy for us, starting in mid-April through to mid-October!  


The New Year Ahead

As with every NEW YEAR, there is a lot to look forward to from new beers, fun events, celebrations, and of course just enjoying where we live!

To whet your appetite, look for these beers in the next couple months:

  • SNAG COLD IPA – Collab with Woodcutters Brewing

Cheers to doing what we love! Be sure to keep in touch and follow along on what’s to come in 2023.