Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

We’re bringing back a seasonal favourite, after a 3 year hiatus…  Re-introducing HIGH NOON Hefeweizen (pronounced hay-fuh-vite-sen). 

Hefeweizens, also referred to as Weissbiers, are German-style wheat beers featuring the classic spicy and fruity Bavarian yeast profile of banana and clove.  These are the perfect thirst-quenching summer beers as they are highly carbonated and have a nice dry finish leaving you wanting more.

FUN FACT - this beer was the 1st beer we ever brewed at Winterlong, when we opened 7 years ago!


Label Inspiration

In the past our High Noon Hef has been a draught-only release, so this is the first time it will also be packaged in cans.  We are always excited to feature a new beer in cans as it means Mary Binsted, the very talented graphic designer behind all our branding, gets to create a new can label for us!

For this summery beer, we were inspired by one of the Yukon’s hardest working lagomorphs, the Collared Pika (Ochotona collaris).  These little critters of the alpine tundra, spend their short summers raising young and collecting plants into hay piles to survive the long winters.  They are often not seen but heard amongst the talus of Yukon’s alpine habitat (check out this video from Yukon Wildlife Viewing).   

Listen for the pika’s characteristic alarm call – ‘meeeeppp’ in places like Ddhäl Ch'èl Cha Nän (Hän for ragged mountain land aka Tombstone Park). These relatives of hares and rabbits are a Species at Risk in Canada and are considered ‘Vulnerable’ in the Yukon due to the effects of Climate Change.  Can you tell one of our founders, was a biologist in her previous life?    


Hiking in Ddhäl Ch'èl Cha Nän.  The dramatic ridgeline ofMount Monolith is pictured on the new beer label as well.


Release Details

AVAILABLE this Friday, in time for the long weekend.  Pre-Orders can be placed at 8 pm on Thursday, May 19th for easy pickup this Friday 12-7 pm.   Folks can also find us pouring High Noon at the Haines Beer Fest, in Haines, Alaska on May 28th… which is only two weeks away (can you tell we are just a tad excited)!

Summer is short, so making hay while the sun shines is a must do for not only the wildlife that call the Yukon home, but to all of us who live here!  We hope this beer helps you take advantage of the short summer, and make the most of it, whether it’s planting your garden, getting out hiking, hunting and fishing for food, camping or paddling.