As a new year dawns, we go through our annual ritual of looking back at the past year.

Here are some HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2021:


  • WE BREWED UP A STORM: Brewing 140 batches of beer = over 250,000 L (a 28% increase from last year).  We finally bumped up over that 2,000 hL mark, which means a bit more excise tax (yay us!?) 
    • This allowed us to share the love even more with special exports to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan!


  • WE WON A BREWING AWARD: Our Nightshade Black IPA brought home a GOLD at the Canadian Brewing Awards.  We don’t enter awards often, so it’s nice that when we do, it pays off with some bling.


  • MORE TASTING ROOM UPGRADES: We opened a brand new permanent Beer Garden, mind you at the end of the summer.  And increased our overall capacity indoors and outside with a new bathroom.  We are looking forward to apres ski spring beer gardens and summer sessions in 2022.


  • NEW BREWERY EQUIPMENT: The only new equipment we purchased in 2021 was a new mash tun, not to make more beer, just to make our lives easier. Next up, a depalletizer for the canning machine, so things can purr along a little more smoothly.


  • GAVE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY: We donated nearly $13K this year to a variety of social, cultural, recreational organizations, events and causes:
    • To name a few: Share the Spirit Yukon, Available Light Film Festival, Blue Feather Music Festival, Yukon T1 Diabetes Network, Yukon Hospital Foundation, Yukon Summer Music Camp, Fireweed Community Market, Mount Sima Ski Hill, Whitehorse Disc Golf Association, Dog Powered Sports Association Yukon, Individual Learning Centre, The Committee on Abuse in Residential Schools Society, The Warrior Walk for Healing,  National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, Dawson Women’s Shelter, Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, and Pink Boots Society Canada


  • GOING GREEN: Our rooftop solar panels produced about 33 MW of power this year, diverting 25 tons of CO2.  That’s the equivalent of taking about 6 vehicles off the road for a year.  Every little bit helps!  This summer we also purchased an electric vehicle (have you seen the trunk space in a Tesla, it’s impressive).  It has clocked in over 7,000 km so far running brewery errands.


  • FUN COLLABORATION BEERS: We did our 2nd annual Pink Boots Brew for International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, with our 9 female staff (look for our annual Witch Craft release again in 2022).  We also managed a collaboration brew with Blindman Brewing out of Alberta in November.   For 2022, we’ve got a brew lined up with our local friends at Woodcutters Brewing!


  • FINALLY FLYING HIGH:  Right at the end of 2021 we got our beer on Air North flights!  Look for our beloved orange can of Pingo Pale Ale on the best airline in the land!  UPDATE —> Air North recently suspended food and drink service on flights for COVID safety reasons.  So maybe next time!


Hope for 2022

Of course, we know that 2021 was not all rainbows and sunshine. Thankfully, the trials and tribulations of 2020 did make us stronger, and we’ve been able to handle a lot of what 2021 has thrown at us. 

It has been a lot with the ever-changing COVID situation and fluctuating restrictions, to frequent supply shortages, and the #metoo movement in the brewing industry. 

But there have been many more terrible things brought to the forefront in 2021, which has been an important wake up call for many of us, as our society has become more informed and aware of important issues and inequalities. 

We endeavour in 2022 to help make the world a better place for all.

We are full of hope for 2022 and even more thankful to our amazing team and community. Cheers to you all!