The Yukon declared a State of Emergency yesterday due to the rising tide of COVID-19 cases and the real threat to our health care system. There will be some old and new measures going into place Saturday, November 13th.

Take a deep breath - we've been through this before and we can do it again! Let's be kind, understanding and help everyone get through this together.

Winterlong will be following the new temporary measures outlined below starting TODAY:

  • MASKS are required in all indoor spaces (easy we’ve done this before).
  • Maximum of 6 people per table (for at least the next few weeks).
  • Have your PROOF OF VACCINATION and photo ID ready if you are staying for a drink/food (we will be helping folks adjust starting today and enforcing it by Saturday).  This goes for children 12 years and older coming in with their families (photo ID not required for children though).
  • Off-sales or order pickups do not require proof of vaccination, but consider online ordering with curbside pickup.

Let’s do our part to keep each other safe and ensure our health care system is not overwhelmed.   

Lots of great beers to keep us all happy.  We are open regular hours 12-7 pm daily (for Remembrance Day too).