Witch Craft - International Women's Day Brew

Witch Craft -  International Women's Day Brew

Some witchcraft was going on at the brewery recently.  Yes, the crafty women of Winterlong were at it again, brewing up our International Women’s Day beer, WITCH CRAFT IPA (version 2.0) on Valentines Day.

This year we registered our brew with both the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day and the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day, to join with hundreds of other breweries around the world, uniting and amplifying women’s voices in the beer industry.  Curious about women’s long history in brewing, check out our blog post from last year.


Pink Boots Brew Day 2021 Map (as of Feb 19).  We are on the map, along with over 200 other breweries from around the world.


About the Beer

This year’s version of WITCH CRAFT IPA, utilizes the same base IPA recipe as last year with the change-up in the annual Pink Boots Hop Blend from Yakima Chief Hops.  This year’s hop blend, selected ‘virtually’ by Pink Boots Society members across the globe, consists of Cashmere, Ahtanum®, Citra®, Loral® & Sabro® brand hops, creating a blend with tropical, herbal, citrus & woody aromatic qualities.  It sure smelled fantastic in the brewery when we added our whirlpool hops!


Spider FLAVOUR Graph of the new Pink Boots Hop Blend.

We had some new team members join us ‘veterans’ this year, with a grand total of 9 women participating. That is a 50% increase from last years brew day.  It was a blast as usual, as all of us worked hard, played hard and laughed hard.  What happens on women's brew day, stays on women's brew day!  We feel lucky to live in the Yukon where we could safely all brew together during the pandemic.  We know this year’s collaboration brew days may be trickier in other jurisdictions across the country and around the world with COVID.


Pictures from our Women's Brew Day Feb 14th, 2021.


Release Event & Fundraising

This year we brewed the beer so that we could have it ready to serve on International Women’s Day (March 8). 

Join us for International Women’s Day on Monday March 8th, where $1 from every pint sold will go to the Pink Boots Society (including our very own Canadian Chapter).  

In addition to our IWD event, we will be donating a $2 from every 4-pack of Witch Craft IPA that is sold at the brewery to various Yukon women’s organizations (including the Dawson Women's Shelter & Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre).  We brewed a double batch this year so that there is more to go around and so we can raise more funds!

Virtual Tasting

We’ve teamed up with the Yukon Beer Festival Society who is creating a series of Virtual Tasting Events showcasing local breweries here in the Yukon.  Winterlong and our Witch Craft IPA will be featured during the the March 10th event, where you will see footage from the brewery in action, as well as interview material and a live Q&A with the Winterlong Founders - Meghan & Marko.

All you need to do is pick up a 4-pack of the Witch Craft IPA ahead of time and register with the YBFS.  The event is FREE, aside from purchasing the beer!  Check out their facebook event for details on how to register or email them at info@ybfs.ca.