As of today, we have completed our two expansions.


Tasting Room Expansion

Just in time, the shiny and new Tasting Room space is open!   With beer garden weather at a literal end, as the snow flies today, we had to expand our indoor seating ASAP.  Over the past two months we have opened up some walls, built a more compact storage room and got to painting, flooring, and trimming things out.  The trickiest part was the sound barrier panels for the ceiling.




All the hard work has paid off, as we now have safe space for 26 more people!   With approval in hand we are nearly back to our pre-pandemic capacity.  

The new space is warm and bright with paint colours and artwork inspired by Mary Binsted’s awesome beer label artwork. It will be a welcome haven for the darker and colder months ahead.  Looking forward to welcoming you all to the new space, and rest assured proper spacing and maximum group size rules are still in place. 


Paint colours inspired by our Superunknown & Wilderness City beer labels.


Brewery Expansion

Not only have we been working on a Tasting Room expansion but also a brewery expansion.  Our new tanks arrived safely a few weeks ago.  It was definitely a couple stressful days, 1) getting the tanks off the truck and 2) getting them upright and into the brewery.  We learn something new every time we buy new tanks and while we hope we don’t decide to expand again any time soon, we know we can’t say ‘never again’.


Fun with a zoom boom: Forks up, boom out… forks up, boom out… CAREFUL!


So far we’ve filled two of the 21 bbl fermenters with our Moonbase Freedom Hazy IPA and Pingo Pale Ale.  For those lager fans, we will be brewing Jagged Pilsner at the end of the month with much more to come.  With three new fermenters and one brite tank, we're READY, SET, GO!


New Tanks in their New Home.