Birthday Giveaway Time

Birthday Giveaway Time

It’s a birthday tradition to give back to our customers, so over the next four days we will be quizzing our fans on various Winterlong Trivia.

There will be question a day for a chance to win a sweet prize. To be fair we will have a separate question on each platform: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



Questions will appear around 10 am each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Different questions will be posted on each of our accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  

First with correct answer, wins. 

If the correct answer hasn’t been submitted by 12 pm.  Depending on the answer, the closest will win or a clue will be provided.



NO current/former staff are allowed to enter. 

MUST live in CANADA. 

FOLLOW Winterlong on the social media platform in question, so we can contact you if you win.


First questions are coming soon!  Lots of fabulous merch as prizes to win.