Full Speed Ahead

Full Speed Ahead

Big thanks to everyone for keeping the love for Winterlong coming.  We are amazed at your continued thirst for our beer… and it is not even summer yet!   Things were, and still are uncertain in many ways, but we have been able to maintain our production as normal with some easy modifications.

As soon as bars and restaurants were required to shut down over a month ago now, we have shifted our entire production into cans. What a life saver that canning line purchase has been!  As such, growler fill options will be whittled down to nothing, as we get through our current stock in kegs.  Last beer on tap, is our Mountain Hero Saison.


Full Fridge!


It will be a sad day when we wipe the last beer off the chalkboard, but less of a liability for us going forward.  We do not know how long the current situation will last, but we look forward to getting beer back on tap once we can re-open the Tasting Room.  Hope you can bear with us until then! 

For now, you are still able to safely come into the shop to grab beer to go and our online store is still working smoothly for easy pickup.  We will keep cranking out beers and canning, full speed ahead!