EREBUS 2018 Release

EREBUS 2018 Release

It’s that time of year again when one of our darkest and most complex beers comes out, our 2018 vintage of EREBUS Russian Imperial Stout (8.5%).  This limited release beer comes out every January/February and lasts until it's gone.  

Erebus is available today in 650 mL bottles as well as on tap in our Tasting Room.  As a very special treat we also cellared a small keg of our 2017 EREBUS over a year in the cold room, which will also be on tap.  It's a real treat to taste these two vintages side by side and see how the beer changes with age.  Due to the limited amount of both beers, we are not going to do any growler fills.


Taste these two vintages of EREBUS on tap, 2017 and 2018 (while supplies last).


Enjoy this beer fresh and also save some to age over the next few months to a year to let the flavours really jive and increase in complexity. Also, for the best possible taste enjoyment, let the beer warm up a little, and see the flavours of roast, chocolate, liquorice and molasses jump out at you.

Our barrel-aged version, TERROR was nearly ready for release today, but is taking its sweet-ass time carbonating. Fingers crossed it will be ready early next week!

If you want to read more about these two beers, check out our blog post from last year:


Transferring TERROR from their woody, bourbon soaked home to the brite tank for carboantion.  Fingers crossed it will be ready for bottling soon!