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A True Deviate

March 29, 2018

A True Deviate

Deviate (noun, dee-vee-it):  old-fashioned term for deviant, a ‘person’ that departs from usual or accepted standards.


Dark beer lovers rejoice!  We’ve got a new dark beer coming out this weekend in bottles and on tap (available Saturday, March 31).

Maybe it’s been the multiple cold spells we’ve had here in the Yukon this past winter that left us craving dark beers.  This winter has felt so loooonnnnnngggg! 

One of our favourite beer styles is an Imperial Stout.  It’s strong, dark and complex.  We currently have two versions, Erebus and Terror, which come out once a year.  Our newest creation incorporates a special twist not often seen in a stout, the use of Belgian yeast.

A Belgian Stout is not a traditional beer brewed in Belgium, nor is it an official beer style per se.  But that doesn’t stop craft brewers from being innovative. Like true deviants, craft brewers like to mix things up and push the boundaries of styles, so we’ve taken inspiration from some of the best.

Our version incorporates eight different types of malt to get complex flavours of chocolate, coffee, raisin and molasses.  The Belgian Abbaye ale yeast ads prominent flavours and aromas of fig, prune, banana, clove and pepper.  You will definitely want to enjoy this beer a little warmer like our other Imperial Stouts to let the flavours shine (8-12°C). 

The Deviate Belgian-style Stout (8.5%) will be available in 650 mL bottles at our Tasting Room as well as through the Yukon Liquor Corporation. We also have one very special keg for draught sales in our Tasting Room, while supplies last.  As always, we recommend enjoying it fresh as well as saving a few bottles to age and see how the flavours develop in complexity over a few months.


The Sour Side of Spring

March 21, 2018

The Sour Side of Spring

We’re releasing a brand new beer at the end of the week, Acid Jazz (4.5%), a dry-hopped kettle sour. 

You may remember our first venture into the world of kettle souring, our Surfer Gose. We’ve since made two batches of the gose, but wanted to try a completely different type of kettle sour, that features some juicy hop varieties.

We decided to try out a new hop to us, Ekuanot (the hop formerly known as Equinox) along with Galaxy (one of our favourites).  Ekuanot is known for its aromas and flavours of melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya and fresh peppers.  Combined with Galaxy, which boasts distinct passionfruit and citrus aromas, we thought it could be a match made in heaven to complement the sourness.

A lactobacillus culture (lactic acid producing bacteria, like what’s used in making yoghurt) was added to the wort prior to boiling to sour the beer over 24 hours. Once the desired sourness level was reached we boiled the wort to kill off the bacteria and continued with the brew as usual.

To keep any bitterness to a minimum, we didn’t add any hops during the brew.  All the hops were added after fermentation as dry hops to maximize aroma and flavour.  It turned out to be a huge citrus bomb, with aromas and flavours of orange peel, lime and grapefruit pith, with a slight tropical twang. 

Acid Jazz is refreshingly tart through and through and will be released this Friday.  It’s a great beer to ring in spring, even though spring doesn’t really show up for another month for us Yukoners.  

Beer on Nitro

March 15, 2018

Beer on Nitro

We got a new toy last week, a special stout tap for nitro beers!  Just in time for St. Patricks Day we’ll have our first nitro beer on tap, a special keg of our Sweater Weather Oatmeal Stout.  Who knew that that beer could get any smoother!

If you’re not familiar with ‘nitro’ beer, think of Guinness, who brought nitro beer to the masses over a half a century ago with their famous stout.  Guinness Stout has lower carbonation and a creamy, smooth milkshake-like texture to it. 

Nitrogen gas (N2) produces a smoother mouthfeel and texture than plain old CO2 carbonation, which gives beer a prickly bite.  A lot of the difference comes from the fact that Nitrogen gas doesn’t dissolve in water (or beer) like CO2, so the gas has a more subtle effect on the beer.

Part of a nitro setup involves a special tap, which has a restrictor plate that forces the beer through tiny holes before it lands in the glass.  We also have a special gas mixing regulator, that blends the right proportions of N2 and CO2. Of course you also have to start out with a beer that has lower carbonation levels, about half of what we typically do for our other beers. 

Then it’s practice, practice, practice until you master the art of the nitro pour.   It may take all of your patience to wait until your pint is ready!  Any beers on nitro will only be available in 16 oz pints, so no growlers, tasters or 8 oz glasses.

We’re hoping to use this toy occasionally when we have a tap open and to try it out on some of our other dark and/or maltier beers.  

International Women’s Day is just around the corner (Thursday, March 8th).  Join us on the day from 6-8 pm for a fun night of creating your own beer ad with a pro-feminist twist. Participants will get discounts on BEER & FOOD plus there are PRIZES to be won for the best ads (by popular choice).

Also, 50% of our draught sales (pints/tasting flights), from the entire day, will be donated to the Yukon Status of Women Council. The YSWC is a longstanding Yukon women's organization in town doing amazing work to advance women's equality in the areas of justice, education, advocacy, and research.


We'll provide the paper and art supplies and you bring your ideas and creativity (plus any special supplies). Then it's up to you to put a pro-feminist twist on your own beer ad.  Teams and individuals are welcome. We'll have some shame-worthy examples to add fuel to the fire! 

It is super disappointing to see the way mainstream beer ads continue to portray women in a sexist, stereotypical way or ignore women as beer drinkers all together! Women were the first brewers back when beer was haphazardly invented thousands of years ago. It's time to make beer more inclusive and collaborative!


Enter your finished ad into our contest at the end of the night, where it will be on display at our Tasting Room over the weekend for public voting. Prizes will be given for 1st place, 2nd and 3rd place. Voting will end March 11th at 6 pm Yukon Time when the winners will be announced.


RSVP through our Facebook event page (if you’re a facebook user) and watch for updates on our social media channels.   

EREBUS 2018 Release

January 26, 2018

EREBUS 2018 Release

It’s that time of year again when one of our darkest and most complex beers comes out, our 2018 vintage of EREBUS Russian Imperial Stout (8.5%).  This limited release beer comes out every January/February and lasts until it's gone.  

Erebus is available today in 650 mL bottles as well as on tap in our Tasting Room.  As a very special treat we also cellared a small keg of our 2017 EREBUS over a year in the cold room, which will also be on tap.  It's a real treat to taste these two vintages side by side and see how the beer changes with age.  Due to the limited amount of both beers, we are not going to do any growler fills.


Taste these two vintages of EREBUS on tap, 2017 and 2018 (while supplies last).


Enjoy this beer fresh and also save some to age over the next few months to a year to let the flavours really jive and increase in complexity. Also, for the best possible taste enjoyment, let the beer warm up a little, and see the flavours of roast, chocolate, liquorice and molasses jump out at you.

Our barrel-aged version, TERROR was nearly ready for release today, but is taking its sweet-ass time carbonating. Fingers crossed it will be ready early next week!

If you want to read more about these two beers, check out our blog post from last year:


Transferring TERROR from their woody, bourbon soaked home to the brite tank for carboantion.  Fingers crossed it will be ready for bottling soon!

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