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S.P.R.U.C.E. T.I.P

June 26, 2020

S.P.R.U.C.E. T.I.P

Our first batch of the coveted Spruce Tip Pale Ale for 2020, will be released this coming Monday (June 29th).  

This will be the first time this beer will be available in cans, so naturally Mary designed a brand-new label, which is always exciting.   For many Yukoners, our Spruce Tip has become a holy grail of beers.  People go crazy for the stuff and we have already lost count of the number of phone calls and messages we’ve received over the last month, asking when it will be coming out. 



We attribute the popularity of this beer to a combination of things - its uniqueness, approachability, and the fact that it is limited and seasonal. 

UNIQUE - While we were exposed to our first spruce tip beers in Alaska after moving to the Yukon, lately we have seen spruce tip beers gaining more traction in southern climes as well.   Of course, all beers made with spruce tips will have some of that classic spruce flavour, but we all put a different twist on it.  The character of that spruce flavour will also depend on the tree species, when they were picked and how they were used in the brew.

APPROACHABLE - For our recipe, we boil our spruce tips in the wort for 60 minutes, which we believe extracts a ton of complex sugars, that carry through the beer to the end.  While yes you get a bit of the classic citrus and spruce tree flavours from eating a fresh tip, you also get a berry-like character (people say raspberry) from the complex sugars that the brewing yeast can’t eat.  It is a very approachable beer in that it is not bitter and has some of that residual sweetness.

LIMITED - It is also a truly seasonal beer, as we only handpick enough for a few batches a year.  That makes it extra special.  In the past we’ve sold out of the first batch in a day!  As we’ve increased our production capacity we’ve been able to keep it around a day or two longer.  However, there’s no doubt it will go surprisingly fast. 

While most of the production will be going into 4-pack cans, we will also have a few kegs for onsite enjoyment (sorry no Growler Fills still for now).  Also thanks to our online store, you can secure your allotment and don’t have to be here first thing to get it on site.  It will be added to the store on Sunday night.  Just make sure to save some for everyone else!  Subsequent batches will be available in July and August.

Tasting Room Re-Opening

June 17, 2020

Tasting Room Re-Opening

Wow, so last week’s announcement took us by surprise.  We had no expectations for when bars would be able to re-open and completely assumed it would not be until the fall at the earliest, not this Friday (June 19th).

We have a few days left to prep for our re-opening for on site consumption - that means draught beer will be back on in some capacity!  

STEP 1 has been to keg some beer ASAP.  We will have four beers on tap for Friday’s opening day and more on the way!

STEP 2 has been to review the new guidelines for bars to re-open and put together our Operational Plan for review.  We were approved today.


Like any business re-opening during these COVID-19 times, things will be quite different.  Other than the now normal signage on Physical Distancing and Staying Home when Sick and the ever-present Hand Sanitizer, here are the main things you need to know for your upcoming visit.


Enjoying a Beer On Site:

  • Capacity & Seating:
    • We were able to work with the Yukon Liquor Corporation, City of Whitehorse, and Environmental Health to increase our capacity with a special outside beer garden!
    • You will need to wait for a table due to extra sanitization measures between customers.  Tables and seats must be wiped down between customers and the new disinfection process takes a few minutes.  Wait for staff to show you which tables are available. After that you can order beer at the counter.  When possible, get 1-2 people to order for the table, to limit congestion in the line up.
    • We will only have tables for up to 4 people or 6 people depending on the table size. Larger groups need to use multiple tables.   Please do not move chairs or tables, as each table with seats is positioned for proper physical distancing.
  •  No Growler Fills, Tasting Flights or Free Tasters for the time being. 
    • This is to limit staff handling, wait times, and because we have limited beer now due to high demand. 
  • Simple Food Menu
    • The menu is paired down to include snacks only, so we can limit handling and wait times. You are welcome to bring your own food.
  • We ask that you help us out and place your used glassware in our Used Glassware Bins.
  • Our communal water station has been removed, so ask staff for a bottle of water for your table.
  • Bring your own games/toys/reading material.  We have had to remove communal items from the Tasting Room.
  • We will have one-way traffic as much as possible.  Entrance will be at the front, with the Exit out the side door by the counter.
  • Parking will be along the side, towards the back of the building.


If you want Beer-to-Go:

  • Come on in as normal, select your beer from the fridge, and wait in line to pay at the counter (with physical distancing of course).
  • For the fastest and least contact service, place your ORDER ONLINE via  You can even pick up your order curbside.


So yes, things will be different.  It will not quite be like what you remember. We ask that you respect physical distancing with other tables and our staff and limit your visiting to your own crew as much as possible.

And let’s all share the love of Winterlong! If it is busy with a line-up of people waiting for tables, let’s all enjoy our beer in a respectful amount of time, not rushing, but not lingering.  There’s always beer to go.

We are sure there will be adjustments, so we hope you can be patient and let us work out any kinks!  We look forward to welcoming you into this new normal, starting this Friday. 

Birthday Giveaway Time

May 20, 2020

Birthday Giveaway Time

It’s a birthday tradition to give back to our customers, so over the next four days we will be quizzing our fans on various Winterlong Trivia.

There will be question a day for a chance to win a sweet prize. To be fair we will have a separate question on each platform: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



Questions will appear around 10 am each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Different questions will be posted on each of our accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  

First with correct answer, wins. 

If the correct answer hasn’t been submitted by 12 pm.  Depending on the answer, the closest will win or a clue will be provided.



NO current/former staff are allowed to enter. 

MUST live in CANADA. 

FOLLOW Winterlong on the social media platform in question, so we can contact you if you win.


First questions are coming soon!  Lots of fabulous merch as prizes to win.




5th Anniversary

May 11, 2020

5th Anniversary

This year we are turning 5 Years Old!   We typically kick off our birthday with May Long Weekend, followed by Haines Beer Fest, and then a big party at the brewery the following weekend.  However, like every other public event this spring and summer, we will not be celebrating with all of you in our normal style.  

That does not mean we haven’t prepared a special anniversary beer.  COVID-19 killed the party, but it can’t kill our birthday spirit!  We have got a brand-new beer for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or out in the fabulous Yukon wilderness, Social-Distancing Style.



Introducing GARAGE JAMS, a light refreshing kettle-soured beer with the jammiest of fruits, apricot and mango puree.  It is perfect for cranking some garage rock and hanging in the spring sunshine in your best quarantine lounge wear.  It will be available in 4-packs to-go from the brewery this Wednesday!

Full Speed Ahead

April 30, 2020

Full Speed Ahead

Big thanks to everyone for keeping the love for Winterlong coming.  We are amazed at your continued thirst for our beer… and it is not even summer yet!   Things were, and still are uncertain in many ways, but we have been able to maintain our production as normal with some easy modifications.

As soon as bars and restaurants were required to shut down over a month ago now, we have shifted our entire production into cans. What a life saver that canning line purchase has been!  As such, growler fill options will be whittled down to nothing, as we get through our current stock in kegs.  Last beer on tap, is our Mountain Hero Saison.


Full Fridge!


It will be a sad day when we wipe the last beer off the chalkboard, but less of a liability for us going forward.  We do not know how long the current situation will last, but we look forward to getting beer back on tap once we can re-open the Tasting Room.  Hope you can bear with us until then! 

For now, you are still able to safely come into the shop to grab beer to go and our online store is still working smoothly for easy pickup.  We will keep cranking out beers and canning, full speed ahead!

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